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Intelligent sorting
Terminal dot sorting system Logistics sorting efficiency determines competitiveness
  • Industry status quoIndustry status quo

    Parcel specifications and categories are diversified in express delivery and e-commerce industries Among them, soft bags, woven bags and irregular shaped parts with uneven bottom are more difficult to sort. At present, manual sorting is mainly used, which is inefficient. It is in urgent need of a kind of equipment that can sort irregular parts to improve sorting efficiency.

  • solutionsolution

    Instead of manual sorting, it can sort the uneven, spherical and other irregular items, so as to realize the sorting by batch or destination. It can also form a comprehensive sorting mode of cross-interconnection and cross-storage operation.

GINFON · Intelligent sorting system

Intelligent, unmanned fast and accurate sorting

  • Jinfeng GroupCan sort all kinds of abnormal parcels,Widely used
  • Jinfeng Group High sorting efficiency,
    3-5 times the manual speed
  • Jinfeng GroupAccurate sorting,
    High intact rate

Make policies as needed Rapid deployment All types of packages achieve efficient and low-cost processing
  • Jinfeng GroupFlexible layout

    Flexible planning layout for sloping up or down section applications

  • Jinfeng GroupStandard modular design

    High standards of module standardization ensure fast and simple installation, and easy modification and expansion

  • Jinfeng GroupEasy to control

    Powerful, friendly, simple control system,Easy to operate

  • Jinfeng GroupEnergy saving and low noise

    Light and simple structure design, energy saving and emission reduction. It can also maintain low noise operation during high-speed sorting

Core logistics equipment application Focus on the innovation breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Special-shaped parts sorter systemLinear narrow-band sorter system ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing
  • Swing arm sorter systemSwing arm sorter system ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing
  • Visual separation of individual piecesVisual separation of individual pieces ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing
  • Dynamic automatic weighing, scanning and volume measuring machineDynamic automatic weighing, scanning  ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing