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Intelligent logistics · Integrated solution
GINFON · Intelligent conveyor system It can realize multi-vehicle and multi-task optimal dispatching for complex paths
  • Pallet conveying systemPallet conveyor system Featured by high efficiency, flexibility and comfort, it can realize a very high handling speed in the warehouse, so as to keep material flow at an optimal speed.
  • Box conveyer systemBox-type conveyor system Efficiently transport products in turnover box, carton and other packages and realize efficient conveying with standardized design and in different combinations.
  • AGVHandling systemAGV handling system Strong recognition capabilities and positioning precision. Path conversion for guiding mode is convenient and flexible, and logistics system setting is flexible.
  • resource/images/5e9a78f18ef8420e840e5238581d8cc2_8.jpgVertical conveyor system The system is featured by a small floor area, a simple and practical structure, low noise, easy installation and maintenance, and materials can be conveyed upward and downward.
High integration of logistics conveying and information flow With the function of material conveying, temporary storage and buffering
  • Jinfeng GroupDiversified needs satisfied Convey materials in a flexible and diversified manner based on the independent logic control of the conveying carrier to satisfy different scenario needs.
  • Jinfeng GroupLow operation cost 24H all-weather working based on the production plan, reducing manual operation and cost.
  • Jinfeng Group Reliable and easy to maintain Easy to maintain with a modular design and can keep high performance in a long time, and realize ex-warehouse, warehousing, replenishment and circulating conveying based on demands.
  • Jinfeng GroupIntelligent and safer Carrier path planning and routing are made automatically by the system, with built-in anti-collision and automatic queuing management without manual intervention.
  • Jinfeng GroupFlexible and fast placement Quick and easy installation with flexible layout based on factory environment, and can make full use of the space for efficient operation.
  • Jinfeng GroupLow operation and maintenance cost Due to standardized design, low energy consumption and a high degree of automation, failure can be minimized.
Innovative application of key logistics equipmentMultiple technologies with independent property rights have been developed
  • stackerPalletizer ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • Four-way shuttleShuttle vehicle ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • resource/images/5e9a78f18ef8420e840e5238581d8cc2_16.jpgAutomated Guided Vehicle (AGV) ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • automation&Information softwareAutomation & informatization software ● Developed by GINFON Group independently