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Intelligent warehousing
GINFON · Intelligent warehousing systemAutomatic access for omni-channel business
  • Multi-level shuttle garage system Multi-Level-Shuttles vehicle storage & retrieval system Optimizes existing warehouse space and improves handling capacity nearly by 10 times compared with traditional warehouse.
  • MiniloadBank systemMiniload system Reduces the distance for handling materials back and forth, maximizes the storage space and improves working efficiency.
  • Heavy duty four way garage system Heavy-load 4-direction shuttle vehicle storage & retrieval system Realizes the demand for large-scene, long-distance, high-speed, and high-precision intelligent logistics and reduces 50% labor force.
Intelligent warehousing system with whole life-cycle managementOne-stop service, intelligent and efficient
  • Jinfeng Group Planning & design ability All key planning & design personnel have over 15 years of practical experience in the industry, and can give insight into customers’ painpoints based on customer demands and provide with practical and feasible solutions.
  • Jinfeng GroupInformation control ability The functions of system software and hardware are complete for collecting information on all parts of the equipment for processing, analysis and judgment so as to exert accurate control based on technological process.
  • Jinfeng Group Project implementation ability With ultra-strong project implementation team and complete project management system, GINFON has undertaken numerous large projects amounting to over RMB 100 million and has perfectly delivered large projects nearly RMB 140 million in 80 days.
  • Jinfeng GroupAfter-sales operation & maintenance ability Veteran after-sales operation & maintenance service team and standardized service process, that brings customers brand new after-sales service experience round the clock, which can satisfy customers and create more value for customers.
Innovative application of key logistics equipmentFocus on innovative breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Three-dimensional shelfStereoscopic shelf ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • Automatic stackerAutomatic palletizer ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • Four-way shuttle4-direction shuttle vehicle ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • automation&Information softwareAutomation&informatization software ● Developed by GINFON Group independently