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Loop Cross-belt Sorter
Deflection Wheel Sorter
Swing arm sorter system
Linear Tilt-tray Sorter

Linear Cross-belt Sorter

Linear Cross-belt Sorter

Linear Cross-belt Sorter

The system is a new type of high-speed sorting equipment and an upgraded version of the traditional horizontal circular conveying mechanism. The equipment consists of two circulating conveying mechanisms, the upper and lower, and a sorting trolley carryinga small belt conveyor, which uses dual software and hardware responses to achieve fault warning and spare parts management.
  • Product details
Product characteristics
  • 01.Low cost

    Excellent modular design reduces equipment transportation, installation, use and maintenance costs.

  • 02.High efficiency

    The equipment covers a small area, the land cost is low, the use efficiency is high, is the common single layer twice.

  • 03.Low energy consumption

    The system can adjust speed automatically according to different throughput, effectively reducing energy consumption.

  • 04.High precision

    The high accuracy of parts and parts, so that the relative speed of goods can be discharged by double density is almost zero.

  • 05.convenience

    Powerful, friendly, simple control system to provide a high level of diagnostic functionality.

Product display

Straight cross tape sorter

Straight cross tape sorter

Product parameter
Model number Double layer straight cross tape sorter Single layer straight cross tape sorter
Maximum sorting capacity (pieces/Hour) 14,400 PPH 10,800 PPH
Operating speed (m/Seconds) ≤1.2 m/s ≤1.5 m/s
Weight range of sorted goods minimum5g, Max35kg minimum5g, Max35kg
Size range of sorted goods (mm) minimum 100Lx100Wx5H , Max 600Lx350Wx350H minimum 100Lx100Wx5H , Max 600Lx350Wx400H
Car size (mm) 426x700 426x700
Trolley spacing (mm) 750 500
Trolley sorting drive (optional) Electric roller or servomotor Electric roller or servomotor
Trolley sorting power to get electricity
Sliding touch (carbon brush) or
Non-contact type (high frequency induction)
Sliding touch (carbon brush) or
Non-contact type (high frequency induction)
Car loop drive Linear motor (electromagnetic drive) Linear motor (electromagnetic drive)
The sorting loop runs electricity DC 48volt DC 48volt
Sorting system noise level ≤72 decibel ≤72 decibel

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