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Intelligent factory logistics
GINFON · Intelligent factory logisticsInterconnected Optimized Transparent Prospective Quick
New upgrade of intelligent factory ● The intelligent factory can learn new environmental conditions in real time and interconnect with digitized supply network; ● Based on the update of enterprise demands and development of production capacity, independently adapt to, optimize and operate the whole process, including but not limited to entering new markets, new product/service development and new technology introduction; ● Greatly improve the enterprise’s adaptability to changes. ● Through transformation and upgrading of intelligent factory, improve the ability of product innovation and management, enhance quality and efficiency, so as to obtain competitive advantages.
  • Jinfeng GroupInventory optimized Multiple dimensions and strategies enable more reasonable warehousing and ex-warehouse, and improve warehouse operation and utilization rate of storage space
  • Jinfeng GroupManual operation saved The assistance of the informatized intelligent system can reduce manual operation and improve accuracy
  • Jinfeng GroupManagement system improved Process visualization and warehousing operation data support the optimization of management system
  • Jinfeng GroupProductivity increased Informatization helps improve efficiency
Insight into customers’ troubles based on customer demands Provide services for a complete industrial chain from equipment to solutions
  • Factory informatizationFactory informatization
  • Central control roomCentral control room
  • Management visualizationVisual management
  • Overall integration of logistics system
  • Systematic overall
    scheme design
  • Intelligent electronic
    control and IT
  • Automatic logistics
  • 01.Scientifically designed IT architecture:SCADA system with informatization, equipment visualization, and comprehensive functions – whole-process logistics tracking on AGV and storage & retrieval system
  • 02.Advanced programming concept:based on intelligent data analysis, realize early warning of equipment operating status, and conduct directional spot check on the equipment in advance
  • 03.Open customer interface:optimize HMI, strengthen the fool-proofing design and system abnormality detection with systematic design, and continuous optimization and iteration
  • 04.Multiple application cases: undertake comprehensive projects of the distribution centers of headquarters of SF Express, Yunda, and Shentong etc. with a high degree of market recognition
Innovative application of key logistics equipmentFocus on innovative breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Three-dimensional shelfStereoscopic shelf ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • Automatic stackerAutomatic palletizer ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • Four-way shuttle4-direction shuttle vehicle ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently
  • automation&Information softwareAutomation & informatization software ● Developed by GINFON Group independently