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Jinfeng Group


GINFON Group is an integrated solution provider and key core product manufacturer focusing on logistics automation business in the field of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing. 

The company is headquartered in Singapore, with its production base in Suzhou, China. It has R & D teams and technical consultants in Japan, Europe and the United States.  GINFON Group has independently developed a full series of intelligent, efficient, and flexible sorter systems and warehousing automation systems, thus forming a complete series of sorting and warehousing products. GINFON Group provides intelligent logistics automation system engineering solutions and comprehensive services such as whole-process implementation and management of project management for customers at home and abroad.

Development course
  • Jinfeng Group

    ● Bought back shares and started an independent business.

    ● Won the second place of Advanced Manufacturing in China Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

    ● Obtained Pre-A round of capital increase from Eastern Bell Venture Capital.

    ● Set up R&D and Testing Center.

    ● Established Suzhou GINFON IoT Technology Co., Ltd.

    ● Won the title of Leading Talent of Suzhou Industrial Park.

    ● Obtained capital from Angel Investment.

  • Jinfeng Group

    ● Won the title of Leading Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Suzhou.

  • Jinfeng Group

    ● Obtained full amount of investment intent at CCTV Entrepreneurship Hero Meeting.

    ● Obtained the A round of capital increase.

    ● Established Shanghai Logistics Technology Planning Research Institute.

    ● Set up West China Office and North China Office.

  • Jinfeng Group

    ● Set up Zhengzhou Office and Shenyang Office.

  • Jinfeng Group

    ●Set up Overseas Sales Department.

    ● Set up Intelligent Factory Business Division - GINFUKAI.

    ● Changed logo.

    ● B round of financing, over RMB 100 million accumulatively.

    ● Double-layer linear cross-belt sorter system was put into operation.

    ● Developed “GINFON Cloud” intelligent service system and officially launched mobile APP.

  • Jinfeng Group

    ●President Cai Xi won the “2019 CCTV Entrepreneurial Model in China”.

    ● Successfully expanded overseas market.

    ● Realized the contract sum of nearly RMB 1 billion and launched the listing process.

    ● Completed the C round of financing.

    ● Established Intelligent Factory Ningbo Branch.

    ● Completed 2 large hub projects amounting to over RMB 100 million.

  • Jinfeng Group

    ● Drafting unit of the group standard of the Standard for Complete Intelligent Warehousing Equipment.

    ● Chinese group standard fell in Southeast Asia for the first time - Vietnam Post Project.

    ● Obtained CE certificate of cross-belt sorter and belt conveyor.

    ● Successfully developed linear narrow-belt sorter and single-wheeled balance system.

    ● Completed the D round and D+ round of financing.

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Corporate strength

Redundant GINFON Group has independently developed a full series of intelligent, efficient and flexible sorter systems and warehousing automation systems, thus offering a complete series of sorting and warehousing products. GINFON Group attaches great importance to R&D and innovation and has obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights, with more than hundreds of patents, all of which have complete independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, GINFON Group, by integrating the exceptional products of leading enterprises in the industry, has delivered hundreds of intelligent logistics automation projects. The application scenarios involve such industries as postal express, supermarket logistics, e-commerce warehousing, airport and tobacco, medicines and cosmetics, shoes and clothing, and intelligent manufacturing.

Looking forward

In the future, GINFON Group will persist in upholding the core values of “integrity, dedication, innovation and win-win”, take “becoming a leading enterprise in the logistics
equipment and service industry” as the vision, and “make a smoother logistics” as the mission, and continue to provide exceptional, efficient,
intelligent and flexible logistics automation system engineering solutions for customers in the industry.