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CEO of GINFON Group - Cai Xi

GINFON Group has taken advantage of the momentum and set sail with the vigorous development of Asia’s logistics industry. Since the start of the business, we have always adhered to the concept that starting a business is a responsibility and a win-win situation is a commitment! Each GINFON employees has is diligent, sincere, and strives to achieve.

Looking back, GINFON has made great achievements as well. We always adhere to the four “focii”, namely, “focus on serving customers” as GINFON’s continuous pursuit with the customer-oriented concept to understand and solve their pain points together, providing customers with more added value; “focus on provision of high-quality products” as the cornerstone of GINFON’s continuous development to achieve “unique products”, “better quality” and “lower price with same quality”; “focus on R&D and innovation” as the driving force for GINFON’s rapid development to transform technology patents into “core products” and “popular products”; “focus on employee growth” as GINFON’s permanent commitment to organize employee training, improve employee quality, provide quality services to the industry, and share the benefit of GINFON development!

Looking to the future, GINFON aims for the highest blue sky. With the transformation and upgrading of social consumption concepts and methods, people expect higher standards for the logistics industry. GINFON Group will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “make a smoother logistics”, always adhere to the core values of “integrity, dedication, innovation and win-win”, and continue to practice the corporate vision of “becoming a benchmark enterprise in the logistics equipment and service industry”. While grasping the technology and product leadership of the domestic logistics equipment industry, GINFON Group will speed up the process of international development, create value for customers with more excellent products and services, and make society better!