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Linear Narrow-belt Sorter

Linear Narrow-belt Sorter

Linear Narrow-belt Sorter

The linear narrow-belt sorter system is mainly used in the e-commerce and express industry. It is an ultra-efficient linear sorting equipment that can solve various types of parcels, and has the advantages of high efficiency, precision, flexibility, intelligentand high space utilization rate.

Shape of sorted items:Soft parcel, flat piece, sack, carton, abnormal parcel with stable center of gravity.

  • Product details
Product advantage
  • 01Component modularization
  • 02High speed
  • 03High accuracy
  • 04Wide application
  • 05High efficiency
  • 06High bearing capacity
  • 07Low noise
  • 08flexibility
Product display

Product parameter
Conveying drive mode Three-phase AC induction motor Transmission mode chain
Sorting drive mode 48V Electric servo drum Effective width of equipment 800~1200mm
Equipment thickness 800mm Maximum length of equipment 120m
Chain plate intercept 254mm Chain plate power supply mode Slip contact line
Chain plate (trolley) driving power 400W Conveying speed 1.2-3m/s
Sorting speed 1.5m/s~2.5m/s Minimum cargo spacing 300mm
Conveying speed1.5m/s ≥ 5500a/hour Conveying speed2m/s ≥ 7500a/hour
Conveying speed2.5m/s ≥ 9000a/hour Conveying speed3m/s ≥ 10500a/hour
Conveying speed1.5m/s ≤70dB Conveying speed2m/s ≤72dB
Conveying speed2.5m/s ≤76dB Conveying speed3m/s ≤78dB

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