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Visual Singulator Separation System

Visual Singulator Separation System

Visual Singulator Separation System

Visual Singulator Separation System

This system is a new single-piece separation system in the industry, consisting of a disperser, a separator, a visual system, and a centering machine. The disperser is responsible for spacing parallel packages in the width direction, while the separatoris responsible for spacing packages coming from the disperser in the conveying direction. The vision system recognizes the package's position and posture, and the controller coordination system separates packages one by one. The center machine is responsiblefor conveying the separated packages along the middle to the back end. This system automates the unloading, loading, and infeed processes and is widely used in the fields of unloading, loading, and infeed of express and e-commerce.
  • Product details
Product characteristics
  • 01.Small footprint

    Modular design and small footprint compared with other forms of single piece separation system.

  • 02.High processing capacity

    Processing capacity up to
    4000-6000 PPH.

  • 03.Automatic orientation

    The parallel package is separated and distributed to realize the center output automatically.

  • 04.Soft

    Gentle parcel handling
    without tumbling.

  • 05.Flexible

    Software-based control system with flexibility to change modes and parameters.

  • 06.Convenient maintenance

    Belt unit modular design,easy to
    replace and maintain.

Product display

Visual unit separator

Visual unit separator

Product parameter
Visual Singulator Separation System model GF-VSSP1260 type
Maximum sorting capacity (pieces/Hour) 6000PPH
Running speed (m/s) 0-2 m/s
Weight range of parcel to be sorted minimum100g,maximum50kg
Size range of goods to be sorted (mm) minimum 150L×150W×50H
maximum 1000L×700W×700H
Overall size of equipment (mm) Length: The total length of the system5000L~6000L
Width: disperser1260W-1460W,separator1460W,Centering machine1460W-1260W/1060W
Driving motor Servo motor (disperser, separator), ordinary three-phase asynchronous deceleration motor (centrer)
System operating power AC380volt
System noise level ≤72decibel

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