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Intelligent sorting
Linear Narrow-belt Sorter system Logistics sorting efficiency determines competitiveness
  • Industry status quoIndustry status quo

    Due to lack of funds and low degree of automation and intelligence, express terminal branches mainly rely on high density manual labor for on-site operation. 5% of the branches have a belt conveyor, and 75% use cage truck for sorting. Such operation mode affects the delivery time of express delivery and reduces service level.

  • solutionsolution

    Regional branches cooperate to jointly introduce intelligent sorting equipment, effectively improving sorting efficiency and making operations more time-saving and labor-saving. The higher the end efficiency, the higher the customer satisfaction.

GINFON · Intelligent sorting system Intelligent, unmanned fast and accurate sorting
  • Jinfeng GroupThe problem of high sorting intensity in terminal branch is solved
  • Jinfeng GroupThe sorting speed is up to 3 m/s, which is more than 6 times the efficiency of manual sorting
  • Jinfeng GroupThe automatic sorting system reduces the sorting error rate to one in ten thousand
Make policies as needed Rapid deployment All types of packages achieve efficient and low-cost processing
  • Jinfeng GroupSave labor, improve efficiency

    Faced with the shortage of warehouses and the difficulty of employing people during the peak period of the 618 and Nov 11, automated sorting equipment can effectively cope with the peak business and improve sorting capacity without increasing the number of workers.

  • Jinfeng GroupReduce breakage and misclassification

    Compared with traditional manual sorting, automatic sorting is more stable and safe, almost no sorting damage. In addition, compared with manual fatigue sorting, automatic sorting has a lower error rate.

  • Jinfeng GroupRealize co-allocation and co-allocation to improve resource utilization

    Through unified warehousing, sorting and distribution, Warehousing costs, delivery costs and labor costs can be truly saved and terminal work efficiency can be improved by combining unified warehousing, sorting, and distribution.

  • Jinfeng GroupData storage is accurate and
    easy to track

    Automatic sorting equipment can record goods information timely and accurately to avoid the possibility of goods loss.

Core logistics equipment application Focus on the innovation breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Linear narrow-band sorter systemLinear narrow-band
    sorter system
    ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● Mainly used in e-commerce and express industry, it is a kind of ultra-high efficiency linear sorting equipment that can solve various types of packages. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, intelligence and high space utilization rate.
  • Straight cross tape sorter systemStraight cross tape
    sorter system
    ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● Good modular design, reduce equipment transportation, installation, use and maintenance costs, according to different throughput, automatic speed control, effectively reduce energy consumption.
  • Dynamic automatic weighing, scanning and volume measuring machineDWSDynamic automatic weighing, scanning measuring machine ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● Integrated dynamic weighing, volume measurement, bar code scanning, cargo information processing automatic sorting system.