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Intelligent sorting
Express package sorting system Logistics sorting efficiency determines competitiveness
  • Industry status quoIndustry status quo

    At present, there is an obvious trend of integration of domestic express business. Express is usually targeted at bulky parcel and less-than-truck-load transportation with high transportation time requirements. Express enterprises continue to increase investment in platform operation, upgrade distribution and construction, configure intelligent operation equipment, strengthen information technology innovation, and create the ultimate efficiency and experience.

  • solutionsolution

    The application of automated sorting in the scenario of less-than-truck-load transportation solves the problems of manpower shortage and high labor costs, solves the problem of automated sorting of over 80% of goods less than 60kg, and ensures sorting accuracy of over 99.99%.

GINFON · Intelligent sorting system Intelligent, unmanned fast and accurate sorting
Jinfeng intelligent sorting system
  • Jinfeng Group Equipped with intelligent operation equipment,Drive volume growth
  • Jinfeng Group Strengthen information technology innovation,Create the ultimate efficiency and experience
  • Jinfeng GroupLarge and heavy parcels can be sorted. Save manpower and sorting more efficient
Make policies as needed Rapid deployment All types of packages achieve efficient and low-cost processing
  • Jinfeng GroupSorting is efficient and saves manpower

    The less-than-truckload express business mainly involves the sorting of "bulky parcel". The use of sorting equipment saves manpower, improves sorting efficiency, and reduces damage rates.

  • Jinfeng GroupFlexible system design, full category sorting

    With scalability, balance peak and intermittent sorting work; Full category sorting, not limited to size, weight or material.

  • Jinfeng GroupSave on site costs

    It can integrate express delivery and sorting to meet the automation of sorting over 80% of customers' goods, reduce detention time, and make full use of the site space.

  • Jinfeng GroupGreen and energy-saving

    Low energy consumption and noise≤70dB.

Core logistics equipment application Focus on the innovation breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Deflection wheel sorter systemDeflection wheel sorter system ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● It is a mature product which can solve the operation mode of box and bag. It is widely used in the industries of post express express, business super logistics, e-commerce storage, airport tobacco, fast-moving consumer shoes and clothes, medicine and makeup, etc.
  • Visual separation of individual piecesVisual separation of individual pieces ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● It is composed of a dispersing machine, a separator, a vision system and a centring machine. The system automates the process of unloading, loading and supplying parts, and is widely used in the fields of express and e-commerce.
  • Dynamic automatic weighing, scanning and volume measuring machineDynamic automatic weighing, scanning, volume measuring machine, conveyor ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● Integrated dynamic weighing, volume measurement, bar code scanning, cargo information processing automatic sorting system.