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Intelligent sorting
Express parcel sorting systemLogistics sorting capacity decides the competitiveness
  • Industry status quoIndustry status

    At present, the express industry has a low sorting automation degree in China. In a labor-intensive transshipment center, the manpower directly related to sorting is about half of whole staff, the sorting time accounts for about 30%~40% of the center’s operation time, and the sorting cost accounts for 40% the center’s total cost.

  • solutionSolutions

    Intelligent sorting combines express line and partitioned parcels and bags, just scanning the bar code at a time in the whole process, the sorting speed is over 10 times of that of traditional way of sorting by personnel, the sorting capacity is up to 1200 pcs per person per hour, and the sorting accuracy is up to 99.99%. It greatly reduces operation time and 2/3 sorting personnel can be cut down for full-load operation.

GINFON · Intelligent sorting systemIntelligent and unmanned fast and accurate sorting

  • Jinfeng Group It only takes 1 minute for a parcel unloading to loading
  • Jinfeng Group High-speed sorting is realized in a small space
  • Sorting accuracyThe sorting accuracy is up to 99.99%
Take actions as needed with fast deploymentAll kinds of parcels can be handled efficiently at low cost
  • Comprehensive sorting is widely usedComprehensive sorting with wide applications

    Combined with the user’s information system, it has the functions of sorting by batch or by destination, and has a comprehensive sorting mode of cross interconnection and cross-dock operation.

  • Sorting information data can be queried in real timeReal-time inquiry of sorting information data

    The sorting system realizes distribution and management of material information flow, its sorting process can be inquired in real time and relevant data report can be generated by one touch.

  • Monitor the system running status in real timeReal-time monitoring of system operating status

    Monitor the operating status of system equipment through GINFON cloud platform with early warning of any abnormality, which can be handled by remote operation. With graphical HMI, operation is more convenient.

  • High flexibility of site layoutHigh flexibility of site layout

    Due to standardized and modular assembly, the sorting system features flexible layout and easy maintenance, and is hardly affected by site conditions.

Core logistics equipment applicationFocus on innovative breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Loop Cross-belt Sorter SystemLoop Cross-belt Sorter System ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently ● It can sort various kinds of goods weighing from 5g to 50kg, especially suitable for postal express, e-commerce and distribution center (medicines, food, tobacco, cosmetics, clothes, etc.).
  • Deflection wheel sorter systemDeflection Wheel Sorter System ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently ● With bilateral sorting, it is a mature product that can realize the handling methods by boxes and mailbags and is widely applied in postal express, supermarket logistics, e-commerce warehousing, airport and tobacco, FMCG, shoes and clothing, medicines and cosmetics and other industries.
  • Sorting system of straight line tillerLinear Tilt-tray Sorter System ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently ● It is an automatic sorting system driven by motor, with its carriers driven by chains for motion.
  • Dynamic automatic weighing, scanning and volume measuring machineDynamic Automatic Weighing, Code Scanning and Volume Measuring Machine (DWS) ● Developed and manufactured by GINFON independently ● It is a fully automatic sorting system integrating dynamic weighing, volume measurement, bar code scanning and cargo information processing.