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Intelligent sorting
E-commerce order sorting system Logistics sorting efficiency determines competitiveness
  • Industry status quoIndustry status quo

    With the rapid development of the global e-commerce logistics industry, commodity circulation tends to be more small-batch, multi-variety, high frequency and quasi-timeliness. All kinds of distribution centers have heavy cargo sorting tasks, and e-commerce logistics warehouses have increasingly higher requirements for sorting systems.

  • solutionsolution

    Intelligent automated sorting equipment can recognize a parcel in 0.2 to 1 second, with high recognition accuracy and fast sorting efficiency. It can also sort goods in large quantities for a long time, improve efficiency, and save labor costs.

GINFON · Intelligent sorting system Intelligent, unmanned fast and accurate sorting
  • Jinfeng Group Standardized, modular product installation, Convenient maintenance
  • Jinfeng Group Improve the speed and efficiency of operation in the warehouse,Achieve efficient sorting
  • Sorting accuracy Automatic storage of sorting data,
    Visual control
Make policies as needed Rapid deployment All types of packages achieve efficient and low-cost processing
  • Jinfeng GroupAdapt to order wave delivery

    It can guarantee the order lead time and carry out the delivery operation of the orders to be delivered in accordance with the batch requirements. It has flexible capacity expansion and can effectively cope with the changes of orders in peaks and valleys.

  • Jinfeng GroupInstead of manual sorting, more efficient

    It can sort goods continuously and in large quantities, and the hourly sorting efficiency is about 50 times that of manual sorting

  • Jinfeng GroupMeet the needs of multi-product

    According to the different specifications of the goods, multiple chutes can be set as one target landing port according to different specifications of goods, and adjusted according to actual needs. It’s convenient and flexible.

  • Jinfeng GroupHigh speed, low consumption, environmental protection
    and energy saving

    The sorting equipment can be made into multiple layers, with a reasonable layout, saving space and improving efficiency. Low power consumption driving methods are used to reduce equipment energy consumption and save energy and environmental protection.

Core logistics equipment application Focus on the innovation breakthrough of intelligent logistics equipment
  • Ring cross tape sorter systemLoop Cross-belt Sorter System ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● Used for sorting a wide variety of goods,Weigh as little as5g,Big enough50Kg, especially suitable for postal, express express, e-commerce and distribution centers (Medicine, food, tobacco, cosmetics, clothing, etc) And other fields of work.
  • Deflection wheel sorter systemDeflection wheel sorter system ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● It is a mature product which can solve the operation mode of box and bag. It is widely used in the industries of post express express, business super logistics, e-commerce storage, airport tobacco, fast-moving consumer shoes and clothes, medicine and makeup, etc.
  • Linear narrow-band sorter systemLinear narrow-band sorter system ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● The sorting system has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, intelligence and high space utilization rate.
  • Dynamic automatic weighing, scanning and volume measuring machineDWSDynamic automatic weighing, scanning and volume measuring machine ● GINFON independent research and development manufacturing ● Integrated dynamic weighing, volume measurement, bar code scanning, cargo information processing automatic sorting system.