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Perfect Ending for CeMAT 2023 | GinFon is looking forward to seeing all clients for next gatherings!

Released Date: Oct 27,2023 Article Source: GINFON
Ginfon successfully made its debut with a variety of cutting-edge intelligent sorting products and solutions, presenting the new ecology and new vitality of Chinese intelligent and digitalized logistics development.

CeMAT 2023 Asia draw to a successful close on October 27th. Global industry elites gathered in Shanghai to explore the latest innovations and solutions in logistics, material handling and supply chain management during the 4 days. Ginfon successfully made its debut with a variety of cutting-edge intelligent sorting products and solutions, presenting the new ecology and new vitality of Chinese intelligent and digitalized logistics development.

Frequent Visitors witnessing Ginfon’s Miracles



Ginfon has always been adhering to the mission of “Makes A Smoother Logistics” and continuously launching iterative upgraded new products to cope with the fierce competition within its inherent innovative nature. The distinctive solution “linear narrow belt sorter + AMR sorting robot” provided by Ginfon has ushered in waves of visitors stopping to have a deeper understanding of our solution and products. Within only 4 days Ginfon reached out to numerous potential customers and enhanced their trust in Ginfon’s service and professionalism and thus displaying an incredible brand impact over this logistics gatherings. 

Distinctive Products Attracts Spotlight



Ginfon has always been famous for the trailblazer of intelligent sorting solutions. The linear narrow-belt sorting system and AMR sorting robots solution are Ginfon’s latest portfolio in terms of innovativeness, cutting-edge technology and intelligence aiming to solve customers’ pain points and demonstrating Ginfon’s endeavour in stepping for a comprehensive system integrator combing its sorting solution and warehousing supply chain strengths. This portfolio has been highly favored and chased by exhibition visitors since its debut to the market.


Exploring and utilizing smart technologies and advanced expertise, Ginfon is relentless about offering about high-quality products and excellent service. We strive to create reliable solutions for users to maximize labor efficiency, ensure logistics throughput and make a smoother logistics. With a long standing and strong presence in the sortation market, Ginfon’s powerful R&D capability, comprehensive solution, experienced project delivery won unanimous praise from the clients and customers. 

Successful Finale and Forge a Win-Win Future


Ginfon’s exhibition trip drew a successful conclusion along with the closing of 2023 CeMAT Asia. With a team of professional R&D employees, Ginfon is committed to being a comprehensive solution provider by offering an extensive product portfolio and ensuring that production capacity and quality are consistently high for Ginfon’s unswerving vision: MAKES A SMOOTHER LOGISTICS!

Appreciated for all guests attending this CeMAT Asia and Ginfon would like to forge a win-win future with all logistics partners!

Recommend products

Loop Cross-belt Sorter

Loop Cross-belt Sorter

GINFON GF-CBS series cross-belt sorter system has the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and high utilization rate as a type of sorter solution with both economy and reliability. It can sort various kinds of goods weighing from 10g to35 kg, especially suitable for postal express, e-commerce and distribution centers (medicine, food, tobacco, cosmetics and clothes, etc.).

Linear Cross-belt Sorter

Linear Cross-belt Sorter

The system is a new type of high-speed sorting equipment and an upgraded version of the traditional horizontal circular conveying mechanism. The equipment consists of two circulating conveying mechanisms, the upper and lower, and a sorting trolley carryingasmall belt conveyor, which uses dual software and hardware responses to achieve fault warning and spare parts management.

Linear Narrow-belt Sorter

Linear Narrow-belt Sorter

The linear narrow-belt sorter system is mainly used in the e-commerce and express industry. It is an ultra-efficient linear sorting equipment that can solve various types of parcels, and has the advantages of high efficiency, precision, flexibility, intelligentand high space utilization rate. Shape of sorted items:Soft parcel, flat piece, sack, carton, abnormal parcel with stable center of gravity.


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