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GINFON Invited to Attend the 2023 Annual Conference of China Association of Warehousing and Distribution (CAWD) and Won Laureate of Industry Excellence

Released Date: Nov 30,2023 Article Source: GINFON
The Smart and Efficient Sorting Project made by GINFON for STO Shanghai Smart Logistics Park was honored with the "Outstanding Case Award for Distribution Centers" due to GINFON’ s core features of low carbon and energy -saving, high sorting efficiency, high intelligence level, and low human involvement.
The “2023 annual conference of CAWD and Convention on Planning and Construction of Warehouses and Distribution Centers" was grandly held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province by CAWD On November 30, 2023 with the theme of "Challenges And Opportunities, Difficulties And Countermeasures For The Next 10 Years." Over 500 representatives from more than 350 entities, including warehousing & distribution and logistics companies, relevant government departments, industry organizations, and research institutions participated in this convention.

Highlights of the Conference
Mr. Fang Aiqing, deputy director of CPPCC Economic Affairs Committee and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. He emphasized that the logistics industry should focus on innovation and upgrading as its core for the next 10 years, continuously enhance competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.

Mr. Shen Shaoji, President of CAWD, summarized incredible achievements of the warehousing and distribution industry over the past 10 years and outlined new situations, demands and challenges for the next 10 years in his address. Additionally, related logistics enterprises also delivered keynote speeches.
Award Ceremony



During the conference, An award ceremony was held to present awards to standardize assessment of logistics enterprises and equipment suppliers, including "Star-rated Warehouses," "Green Warehouses," and "Gold Medal Warehousing Service Enterprises”.

The Smart and Efficient Sorting Project made by GINFON for STO Shanghai Smart Logistics Park was honored with the "Outstanding Case Award for Distribution Centers" due to GINFON’s core features of low carbon and energy -saving, high sorting efficiency, high intelligence level, and low human involvement.

Distinctive Features of STO Shanghai Smart Logistics Park Project

Ginfon's intelligent logistics solution dynamically analyzes, mines, and predicts the entire process operation data of sorting, improving the accuracy and stability of both software and hardware components. Apart from Ginfon’s strong performance of operation, it also provides early warning mechanism and reasonable configuration suggestions, promoting process optimization, code and lod standardization, software and hardware upgrading and thus achieving full lifecycle management of on-site equipment.

Ginfon pioneers a remote monitoring and control mode by setting up corresponding data collection points and algorithms, constructing an integrated system of "hardware + software + platform + service." This system enables a visual management of site equipment’s operation status and data analysis by which users and staffs can remotely access, view, maintain, and adjust operations on terminals such as smartphones or computers.

STO Shanghai Project made by Ginfon breaks through multiple industry technological bottlenecks and effectively integrating AI technologies thus stands out as a flagship industry project. It propels the intelligent process of automated sorting industry, accelerates the pace of digital transformation of Chinese intelligent manufacturing and contributes to the rapid development of Chinese manufacturing and national economy.

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Loop Cross-belt Sorter

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Linear Cross-belt Sorter

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