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GINFON was invited to participate in the "2022 Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Leaders Summit and Annual Ceremony of Logistics Technology and Equipment Industry".

Released Date: Jan 11,2023 Article Source: GINFON

GINFON won the "Intelligent Logistics Industry Benchmarking Enterprise Award" with its professional technical ability, strong project management ability and industry brand reputation.The founder of Ginfon has been in the logistics industry for 30 years, abide by the spirit of craftsman, go all out for the mission of "Make A Smoother Logistics", keep moving forward, made great contributions to the logistics sorting industry, won the "China smart logistics industry outstanding Craftsman Award".

The “2022 The Global Intelligent Logistics Industry Leaders Summit and Logistics Technology and Equipment Industry Annual Ceremony”,jointly organized by "Logistics Products Network, logistics brand network, Logistics Technology and Equipment" joint the industry association, was held in Suzhou Jan.11, 2023.

The conference, with the theme of "Ice Breaking, Innovation, Symbiosis", attracts many well-known enterprises and leaders in the logistics industry to gather together.


Mr Cai Xi, CEO of Ginfon, is invited to attend the meeting and discusses hot topics such as industry reform and overseas market development with industry leaders.


At present, many manufacturing enterprises have built digital workshops and smart factories.

Mr Cai Xi fully shared the development of the smart factory industry, the solution of the smart factory industry, and the application of Ginfon technology in the smart factory system and cases, which were unanimously recognized by the participants.


Full of honor  Well deserved


During the awards banquet,GINFON won the "Smart Logistics Industry Benchmarking Enterprise Award" by virtue of its professional technical ability, strong project management ability and industry brand reputation.


With 30 years of  perseverance and focus  in the logistics industry,Mr Cai has adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship, worked hard to "Make A Smoother logistics ", made great contributions to the logistics sorting industry,and won the "Outstanding Craftsman Award in China's Intelligent Logistics Industry".


The selection of famous logistics brand in 2022 is open, fair and Just . After the online voting of logistics technology and equipment procurement  managers in all industries across the country, GINFON was rated as "famous logistics brands in 2022(transportation and sorting)".


In the future, GINFON will still focus on"Intelligent sorting"and based on " technology "and" service ".Focusing on the "intelligent sorting system" ,on the one hand, we will keep the research and development direction of technology first,and constantly improve the progressiveness of products;  on the other hand, we will ensure the stability of products through the ultimate service, and constantly  strengthen the product positioning of enterprises'intelligent  sorting through service and technology, so that GINFON can go further and do better. While deepening the domestic market, GINFON will also continue to go overseas and  serve the world.

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Loop Cross-belt Sorter

GINFON GF-CBS series cross-belt sorter system has the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and high utilization rate as a type of sorter solution with both economy and reliability. It can sort various kinds of goods weighing from 10g to35 kg, especially suitable for postal express, e-commerce and distribution centers (medicine, food, tobacco, cosmetics and clothes, etc.).

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Linear Cross-belt Sorter

The system is a new type of high-speed sorting equipment and an upgraded version of the traditional horizontal circular conveying mechanism. The equipment consists of two circulating conveying mechanisms, the upper and lower, and a sorting trolley carryingasmall belt conveyor, which uses dual software and hardware responses to achieve fault warning and spare parts management.

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Linear Narrow-belt Sorter

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