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Electric Roller-Diverter Wheel Sorter

Electric Roller-Diverter Wheel Sorter

Electric Roller-Diverter Wheel Sorter

Electric roller-Diverter Wheel Sorter is composed ofthree parts: the electric roller assembly, the swing mechanism, and the frameassembly. It is mainly used in the upper layer of the matrix in the expressindustry, sorting ports, and shunting ports. With its advantages of highautomation, high sorting efficiency, wide range of goods sorting, and simpleoperation, it is widely used in the logistics industry.

Shape of sorted items:Cartons, turnover boxes, file bags, express flat parts, etc.

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Product parameter
Size (mm) L1060mm ×W1060×H600 Maximum sorting capacity (pieces/Hour) 5000PPH(Note: Goods400mm×400mm)
Operating speed (m/Seconds) 1.5m/s-2.5m/s(adjustable) Weight range of parcel to be sorted(kg) ≤60kg
Size range of parcel to be sorted (mm) minimum 200L×200W×20H
maximum 1200L×1000W×800H
Sorting Angle MAX:±60°
Sorting accuracy ≥99% System noise level ≤72dB
Power supply Three phase five wire system380V±10%.50Hz±1Hz
System working environment Normal venue:-10℃- 45℃
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